woman speaking with a therapist during individual therapy

In some ways, the process of overcoming addiction follows a formula. Residents need to decide to end the addiction, complete detox and commit to a life of sobriety. However, there are plenty of individual factors that also play a role in the recovery process. At Tampa Recovery Centers, individual therapy is one of the available Tampa, FL addiction therapy services to help residents reach recovery. 

Judgement-Free Space 

During detox and throughout the recovery process, it’s important that residents feel safe and secure. That means physically safe, but it also means feeling free from judgment. While a group dynamic can be helpful in many cases, most people also need some kind of judgment-free space for sharing. 

In a one-on-one conversation with a medical professional, individuals know that what they say will be protected. This allows them to be honest without feeling judged. When addiction experts are listening, most individuals are willing to share. Opening up in this way can set the tone for greater transparency and openness with others moving forward.

Opening Up and Being Vulnerable

It can be difficult to discuss personal matters with anyone, even with a medical expert or an addiction professional. This is normal, especially for someone who has been through years of addiction. Having an addiction is lonely, and many people put up a guard around their heart and mind in order to feel safe. 

In recovery, however, it’s time to tear that wall down. Individual therapy is an excellent way to practice being vulnerable in a safe and supportive format. Although residents might not be ready to share a history of trauma or sadness with a large group, they can practice discussing it with just one person. Residents gain the ability to communicate openly, a skill that will come in handy for an entire lifetime. A cognitive-behavioral therapy program in Tampa, FL helps to further build on the skills learned during individual therapy to help break the cycle of negative thoughts and behaviors.

Targeted Treatment for Recovery 

Individualized therapy and treatment allow residents to get targeted care. Often, drug or alcohol addiction isn’t the only issue that demands treatment. Some individuals experience co-occurring disorders, which means that two or more concerns need support, care, and treatment at the same time. A TMS therapy program in South Tampa aids in providing this supportive and targeted treatment to help residents of our facility achieve their goals of recovery.

Specific Coping Mechanisms for Lifelong Sobriety

True recovery from addiction means lifelong sobriety without relapse. In order to make that a reality, residents need to learn coping mechanisms that work for them. These coping mechanisms are different for everyone, but they are key to aftercare and recovery.

Coping mechanisms might start with life skills training. They might also involve family, or they could include regular local support groups. Individuals can learn to develop hobbies, patterns of behavior and routines that make temptations and cravings less of a problem moving forward.

Supplementing Individual Therapy at Tampa Recovery Centers 

At Tampa Recovery Centers, individual therapy is just one part of the recovery process. For comprehensive healing, residents can expect a wide range of resources, help, and support every step of the way. 

Individual therapy is a key part of successful addiction recovery. Our residents get individualized attention and custom plans for recovery. Contact Tampa Recovery Centers at 866.327.0883 if you or your loved one is ready to fight back against addiction once and for all.